What's this then?

Initiate doomsday protocol


Can’t say it’s a surprise, and with such a public announcement it’s probably not just a warning or threat this time.

Won’t say too much as this is just vaguebooking at the moment, but vaguebooking that will affect advertising revenues, so it’s probably time, isn’t it?


Just want to say that anyone - anyone at all - who wants to keep in touch

DM me your email address (or other social media if you prefer)





Yeah, I didn’t want to put it in the thread title after what happened last time, but it looks like it’s being wrapped up.

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Yeah same, this is me:

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It’ll just be the main site but boards will stay up imo

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So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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Add me on Twitter -



I can fully understand why Sean, not only for financial reasons but reasons of peace of mind would want the whole thing lifted from his shoulders, wash his hands of it, file it in a draw, consign it to history etc.

I think we’re more than likely needing to do something completely independent of Sean/this board in order to make it a clean separation for him

ie, not ask for permission or co opt any names but set up our own co-operative forum elsewhere

It would probably be cheaper than chipping in for server costs here - though would obviously involve more effort on our part (or those of us that might take the reins at least)


Fully agreed with this

Sean releases a professionally shot video, with drone footage etc of him digging a hole in the middle of a field and burying the Drowned in Sound logo. Right at the very end he turns to the camera and winks, then it slowly zooms in on his eye until the end.


I’m still sort of hoping this is a poorly judged gag, like Sean is DJing End of the Road or something.

I only really a lurker 99% of the time now but I’ve been on the boards for over 10 years and still pop on every day to keep up with things, be absolutely gutted to see it go.


You refresh this page and it’s just a white page with ‘Drowned in Sound has been deleted from the Internet’ written in the middle.

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Flames to dust
Lovers to friends
Why do all ok sometimes things come to an end?

how do i download all my likes


They’ll be warmer on vinyl.

Doesn’t work.

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