What's this tune?


I thought about Yazoo too but it’s a different phrase to the melody in this.

Thanks though.

No,I think it is this. mods, close this thread please and mark as solved.


This is the kind of shoddy procedure that’s given all detectives a bad name.

My Albatross unit would be appalled at your level of commitment.

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Asking this to the social board cunts :rofl:

Good luck m9 :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Is there another board?

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I’m also trying to find a tune which is sort of like Fischerspooner / The Faint with vocoder vocals over the top that isn’t by Daft Punk. Used to be played in indie clubs a lot but I can’t remember the tune but would definitely know it if I heard it. Any ideas?


It’s not. Similar era though.

My Friend Dario by Vitalic?

Sunglasses at Night by Tiga?

I’m trying to remember a song which was like the same four chords repeated all the way through, but just with a bit of distortion in the chorus. Mumbly singer, sounded like he didn’t tuck his shirt in at school. No drums.

Any ideas?

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Radiohead and the Creeps?

Music Board solved it.

Hang your heads in shame.

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Your welcome btw…


Probably “Release the Pressure” by Leftfield.

Doh! I mean Mylo “Drop The Pressure”.

If it turns out that people on the Music Board know more about music than we do then I might have to re-evaluate everything about my life.

Do people on the Social Board know more about being social than the genuine societal oddballs on the Music Board I wonder :thinking:

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Sadly we can’t find out what people on the Classified board know about

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