What's tinned tuna all about?

Can’t be right that you haul a fish out of the sea, chop it up, put in a tin and it lasts like 3 years? Guess it must be cooked. What else though? What aren’t they telling us?

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Put anything in brine and it lasts that long.

Scientists take note

If I could tin @tuna and keep him on my shelf for 3 years I would


Can’t think of anyone I’d rather cover in tmatos juice and suck it off slowly


never had it

freaked my nut out when I saw how big a tuna is in real life

cutting up that and putting it in a tiny tin… tragic

also tastes like shit

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You get dolphin friendly tinned tuna don’t you, I’m like, come back when it’s tuna friendly tinned tuna mate, then we’ll talk


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Get it in just ‘spring’ water though, can’t you?

Yeah, I don’t eat it, but we have it in the house. Really don’t understand how the flesh of something can last that long.

Cat food that isn’t sold with the rest of the cat food for some reason

Fucking massive aren’t they.


And vegetable oil. And no drain, that one annoys me, what if I like the drain


I used to live on the Wirral with a man who referred to tinned tuna as ‘the chicken of the sea’, dark times


imagine getting a tiny tin of whale

actually reminds me that for years one the largest uses of whale was in margerine

Yes :hot_face: Now imagine in lycra

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Reminds me of bad pasta baked my mum did. I’d slide all the fish mush to one side of the plate and just eat the pasta.

Interesting how you get tuna, salmon, sardines in a tin. Don’t get haddock do you? Many years since I’ve had it, but I think tinned salmon is probably worse. Seem to remember you got bits of bone in it sometimes.