What's tinned tuna all about?

anchovies are the only one I was ever really partial too, didn’t mind a sardine now and then…

no idea what they do to anchovies, fresh ones are white and not salty… hmm… maybe they… add salt?

I’d love tuna to come with a bit of bone

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did you know they have whole factories at sea now - like huge stupid ships that catch the fish, process it and put it in a tin, label it and bring it back to shore all ready to sell

We truly are the apex predator.



And how exactly is it the ‘chicken of the sea’ anyway?

My eldest eats it straight out of the tin for a snack. We never have tuna pasta for dinner cos as soon as we buy tuna it’s eaten by eldest

Chicken Haddie is a fan favourite. Chicken Haddie is a boneless mixture of quality white fish including cod, hake and pollock. Try it right out of the can as a tasty snack or it can be used in any recipe that requires fish such as chowders, fish cakes, or pasta.

Who knew?

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have done this a couple of times. grim. you can really taste the aluminium this way.

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  • brine
  • spring water
  • oil

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I love Tuna, it’s gorgeous, really makes the sidea of my mouth tingle. I like to eat a tin or two with my fingers and then bite the sides of my mouth a bit with my molars.

For periods I’ve had a tin of tuna, a banana and two of these for breakfast.

A few weeks ago I was eating a tin of tuna at the sink and the neighbour opposite came and stood right at the open window topless for the world to see. It was spectacular. I ran straight upstairs to tell the TV and she was really happy for me. If it wasn’t for Tuna I would not have seen that.


Care to reconsider?



Not for me

Can I shock you?

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No. Not gonna kink shame or all that but, no.

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You can shock me. But be aware: I am primed for a shocking so this had better be a high grade shock, I’ll tell you

I, as a vegetarian now, do not eat tinned tuna. Or any other form of tuna.


Consider me shocked.

Goodnight, sweet Prince

Is it epimer?