What's ur ringtone?

Mine is USA Boys by Health, but I edited the source file slightly so it starts right on the opening note of that riff.

In the past it has been:
The Mae Shi - Young Marks
Dan Deacon - Woof Woof


Who Can it Be Now?, Men At Work

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I got a new phone recently and it rang really loudly in the street with the default ringtone, and I got really embarrassed, I’m not sure why.

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My phone has been on silent since 2008.


N E V E R on sound at all E V E R!?!?!

I remember having the following ringtones:
Time is Running Out by Music
Chris Benoit’s theme music
No Surprises by Radiohead

Also had that Peep Show noise as my text tone for years. When it went off just after I said something funny it made me feel like I truly was Mark Corrigan, and not just some pale imitation.

not unless I’m expecting something urgent and don’t want to miss it. I guess it’s just the default ringtone if so.

Have my phone on me practically all the time and rarely go more than 20 seconds without instinctively checking it so it’s fine.

Mine goes beebee doodoo beebee doodoo beebee doodoo beeeee. Classic.

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Not heard my phone ring for a long time. No idea what the ring tone is, it’ll be the default one, I guess.

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Very very rarely have the volume up, but when I do it’s the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme tune.

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  • Default ringtone WANKER
  • Cool cat with a custom ringtone, like all the cool kids

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Too busy taking calls from my millions of friends to change the ringtoH GOD I’M LYING I JUST CAN’T FIGURE OUT HOW TO CHANGE IT.

Don’t have one because it’s the year of our Lord 2019, but if my phone rings when I have my bluetooth headphones in they play a really odd jingly version of Ride of the Valkyries that I don’t know how to change.

Funny when someone has a funny ringtone and it goes off in a meeting or something isn’t it


Mine is one I WROTE MYSELF because that’s how damn cool I am. It’s a loop of three notes on a bass guitar and some percussion from a kaosillator but run through a bunch of distortion effects. It sounds like nothing in a fit but I know it’s my phone when I hear it.

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Having this as your ringtone for your mum, dad or partner

  • Classic, classic bants, prof
  • Bit weird

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Just to make it clear, I do not have this ringtone for any of those people

I live in hope that my phone goes off at just the right awkward moment to make it worthwhile.


Uninteresting story time.

Back in the year 2001, when I had some form of Nokia 5110s and 3310s i used to have a computer program where you could compose basic midi ringtones, so I so I did the Intro to Muse’s Microcuts and Bruce Hornsby’s The Way It Is, among others. I had a wonderful time playing them to people when i wasn’t being phoned. Obviously I’ve always run scaring from it when it was actually ringing.


Breadcrumb Trail by Slint for the last four or five phones I think, because I’m set in my ways, even if my ways are a pain in the arse to sort out because some phone manufacturers are dicks.