What's ur ringtone?

My phone is only ever on silent or vibrate.

I don’t know what the ringtone is.


Another one for Club Silent All The Time. It vibrates if it rings but otherwise I keep mine on that DND thing, so no noises or vibrations for push notifications etc.

My alarm is a duck quacking though, that’s good.

Just vibrate and a single little beep

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I had / did something similar but with ringtone versions of my band’s music. As if someone was going to walk up to me and go “Oh hey man, COOL RINGTONE, what band is that, I wanna check them out!”.

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they were just too shy.

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haven’t knowingly set a ringtone for years, always have it on silent

last ringtone i do remember having was the Green Hill Zone music from Sonic the Hedgehog. except for when my sister called, in which case it was the boss music from Sonic the Hedgehog.


try to keep my phone off whenever possible, just having the possibility of someone calling me causes me anxiety

A really loud classic dial phone ring ring. Been my standard for a long time.

The previous one was darude sandstorm I painstakingly typed in on a nokia

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My wife’s Nokia had a thing you could compose a very very basic tune on the phone itself and I wrote her a ringtone on it that she kept for YEARS. Kind of sad that there wasn’t a way to properly transfer it when she got her smart phone (I’m sure she was relieved mind you).

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Don’t have one

If I hear someone’s phone ring out loud I always assume they’re an old person

Even TV shows have caught up with having characters’ phones just vibrate instead of ring


Oh man I forgot that that was a thing

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Exactly! I had unknowingly switched off silent mode on my phone the other day and some standard ringtone went off with no vibration, didn’t even realise it was mine even though no one else was in the flat

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I loved making ringtones on my old 3410. No Surprises was the first one I painstakingly worked out but I made a few more too. Can’t imagine having such patience these days.

Eventually discovered too late that there were already websites out there to tell you what to type in for custom ringtones

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Find it hard to believe that there are no circumstances where it’s not useful to have it on ring. Male privilege: I have pockets big enough to fit my phone in so I can always feel it when it vibrates (ooo er) but surely if you’ve got it in a bag or something and you’re out and about you’d want to know if someone’s trying to speak to you?

i never put it in my bag, if i can’t feel it in my pocket i’ll just panic about where it is and whether i might have dropped it somewhere

absolutely not.

speak almost exclusively through facebook messenger and whatsapp anyway tbh, only person who rings me is my mum and that’s nearly always on the same day every week so i’m expecting it (sundays)

PHONE CHAT: just got a new phone actually but i forgot about all the phone admin involved in switching things across. going out soon and it’s still too disorganised so i’ve switched back to my old phone but bringing my new one along to try out the camera. impractical but needs must.

Dress-wearing, pocketless woman here who’s always got my phone in a bag: I definitely still feel it if it vibrates. I don’t have vibration on for any other notifications though cause I check my phone all the bloody time anyway.