What's worse? (SSP)

A few lighthearted Friday night polls for you space cadets to devour. Chat is thoroughly encouraged. In fact, if you partake in the thread you HAVE TO chat, that’s a little rule i’m making…

In queues…

  • Impatient people
  • Dawdlers

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  • Kids screaming
  • People who get annoyed/angry when kids scream

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  • Motorists
  • Cyclists

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this is a hard one. i get silently annoyed and then feel guilty and sorry for the mum and hate myself for getting annoyed, crap situation all around

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  • Lazy colleagues
  • Shop stewards

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Anyone else not seeing the polls…

didn’t mean to vote in this, not sure what a shop steward is


Someone who takes their duties too seriously in the workplace.

  • Self-service checkouts
  • People who can’t use self-service checkouts

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Oh it’s happened, I’ve got the invisible poll virus :disappointed:

They’re back

  • Football fans
  • Football snobs

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  • People who roll up the arms on their t-shirts
  • People who roll up wooly hats

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Thanks for this bugduv. Really enjoyed taking part.

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Never really witnessed arm rolling etc so sometimes having to default to the other
Fully respect lazy colleagues though, jobs are bullshit, don’t begrudge slacking.
Dawdlers are far better than impatient folks though - nobodies lives are that important. And as a classic LME public transport/pedestrian sort, its the cyclists that are worst.

the hat would be too long otherwise

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  • Coffee shop chains
  • Coffee shop chain snobbery

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oh you said roll not fold

  • ITV
  • Channel 5

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