What's yer favourite tog?

  • 1-4.5
  • 7-10.5
  • 12-13.5
  • Other tog

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Do you think there’s any togs above 16.5 or is that illegal?

Any general thoughts on tog?

I’m a fan of the thread, but the poll isn’t doing it for me. What if theres a 6 tog fan?

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according to John Lewis the above are the standard tog parameters.

I haven’t got all day to list ALL of the togs

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Definitely what I’d be going for in winter. In summer i just sleep naked under the stars.

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alf togs


Got one of those hybrid duvets with a thin and thick bit that can be fastened together. All seasons covered bish bash bosh


4.5 summer, 7 in winter. Have the option of joining together, thankfully it’s never come to that but the peace of mind the option provides is welcome.

Keep having to abandon reply cause I don’t think everyone is ready for my hot tog takes


We’re all friends here.




Okay… well,
I don’t like anything higher than a 4 tog
And also I think bread should be measured in togs


I was waking up a bit hot in the middle of the night recently which I am not a fan of at all so I bought a 4 tog duvet and it is absolutely delightful. I am worried it might blow away in a gust of wind it’s that light, but big fan so far.

Can you please take me through what tog rating certain breads would have

No tog

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A wrap, when flat, is a 0.5. In a quesadilla scenario it’s a 1, when it’s wrapped it’s a 1.5
Sandwich thins are also 1.5, as are thinly sliced loaves
A naan is probably 2 togs
Medium sliced would be 2 togs also, 3.5 if a sandwich but that’s depending on fillings really, and a toastie is a 4 because they’re quite weighty
Thick sliced homemade bread is 5.5 cause it’s often very dense
An entire doorstop white loaf, unsliced, is around a 7
Think malt loaf would be close to a 9 because it’s… well it’s malt loaf isn’t it. The fruit adds tog
Things like crumpets are variables because they start at a 5.5 (6 if it’s one of those big chaps) but the tog rating tends to reduce upon toasting
Happy to answer any questions


4.5 tog throughout the year.

Additional duvet / blankets as needed in winter.

In summer may just have duvet cover without duvet.

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I have so many.

Do you believe that everything has a tog?

I mean, in a way
Obviously things like time don’t have tog but a lot of things do
Only found out recently you can have more than ten tog, thought that was the maximum for ages

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do you think that there IS a maximum tog?