What's your 90s Claim to Fame!

Has anyone got any random/funny/tenuous claims to fame from the 90s? Eg. You made some sandwiches when working in a hotel which Shakespear’s Sister ate, or you delivered a newspaper to Heavy D’s house, or you appeared in the background of a Michael Bolton video for 0.5 seconds?!

Nailed an ‘Around the World’ with my Pro Yo 2


I was on the front cover of the local rag shaking hands with Sean ‘hitting a woman is no big deal’ Connery. He came to my/his primary school (out of hours :roll_eyes:) for its centenary and a few of us waited around to meet him.

EDIT: Just realised this is the Music forum? I got nothing…


I delivered newspapers to this guy’s house for a few years. Prize to anyone who can guess who it is…

Music relation - Alanis Morissette was on his show for 5 episodes when she was 12.

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Technically it was 2000, but my first internship was at a design agency that Karl Hyde from Underworld was a part of. I worked on a website for/with him… was a bit star struck most of the time.


One night I was at the Gas club (automatic indie disco night, every Wednesday, pound for a bottle of pillsner all night) . Chesney Hawlks was there, so I said “alright Chesney?” as he passed. He did not respond

Later in the night I saw James Dean Bradfield sat at a corner table with both members of Shampoo

On another occasion Dennie Pennis attempted to chat up my girlfriend and other people’s girlfriends in the pub


Sold orange juice at Oasis’ knebworth gigs. Made a killing on the 2nd day when the sun came out. Soz, that’s all I got.


I was in a traffic queue on the M25 with Noel Gallagher (in the days where he was being chauffeured around in a chocolate brown Rolls Royce)

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Winter 1995 I was on a skiing package holiday with my mum and we swapped hotel rooms with a married couple as we had been given a double and they had been given a twin room. The guy’s name was Mark, and he told us he was a stunt double for Pierce Brosnan in the forthcoming Bond film. We both thought he was making it up, but then he turned up as a contestant (and series winner) on Gladiators the next year, and on that they said he was a stuntman, so felt a bit bad for doubting him.


Tomato ?

Cerys Matthew’s came onto me at the Columbia Hotel in 1996…


I was banned from a Nickelodeon chat room in 1997 (age 11) and had my family AOL account cancelled for talking about hacking.


My school wind band was the support act for an appearance by Wolf from Gladiators in Halifax in the late 90s.


messy, and not Thursday yet !

That’s the one!

that must have been pretty cool. He’s a legend. I don’t know much about design but the stuff they’ve done for UW over the years is pretty special.

It was very cool and very intimidating. I had idolised their stuff as a student, so it was a bit nerve-racking going in that first day. It was a cool place but certainly did not set me up with any reasonable expectations about how the design industry NORMALLY works…

Music forum anecdote? Was in a Strangelove video.

Non-music? Appeared on Going Live and won a competition :sunglasses: Also, related to the Gladiators chat upthread, lived down the road from Wolf (surprisingly short in real life)…


*around the rudolph

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Was accosted by a Kerrang! journalist outside a Feeder gig at The Electric Ballroom who played me The Memory Remains by Metallica on a Walkman and had my picture and review in the magazine