What's your Balonz Type Indicator? (poll)

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  • A
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  • Wank

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It is wank but it has always yielded the same result whenever they’ve made me take one, which I suppose surprises me a bit.


It’s a gimmick used by companies to make it look like they’re paying attention to staff development, but that’s not important right now.


Why? It’s the same question set (essentially), you’d expect to get that result reproducibly.

Just like your horoscope.


But I can’t rely on myself to not answer sarcastically


The test accounts for that. It’s magic.


No. It’s “supposed” to change over the years, since it’s all about preferences, and you start life preferring rusks, then move on to shagging and finish off with slippers, so your profile changes accordingly.


Yeah but Ruffers is still in his rusks stage, he’s got a while to go yet.


Think I skipped the shagging bit


Classic Wank type behaviour.


Actually used to give this test to teenagers. I don’t particularly believe in it, or think it’s particularly useful apart from a fun thing, so I used to present it like “here’s a fun careers quiz- now let’s spend the rest of the lesson discussing in your group whether you agree with your result and whether you’d like to do those jobs it suggests or not” rather than a “you are ISTJ so should be a bureaucrat” type stuff like I was supposed to.

Made me laugh once that a girl who got the same result as me (INTP) looked at the profile that I always saw as kind of a burn full of unflattering insults compared to a lot of the others and said “Oh I’m glad I got this one”.


INFJ :muscle:


So you’re a tougher, more organised, yet also more mysterious version of @Ruffers?


What is this rag on Ruffers day?!


Should add that I know a fair few people who really like it, and they all come out INFP or INFJ.


It’s always that day.


It does seem that way


I’m just better than him really.


http://www.celebritytypes.com/infj.php loads of really evil people on your list.

He’s just got a load of famous writers and musicians. http://www.celebritytypes.com/infp.php