What's your best domestic chore?

Thank you for your exemplary response, Prof Green-fingers K

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you’re like the Ronnie O’Sullivan of professional ironing

Changing the duvet cover.

It’ll take seconds, obviously.

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What size 'vet you rocking?


(sad face emoji)

I’m quite good at this. What’s your technique? I like to turn the whole thing inside out, then grab the duvet and give it the old flick so it’s the right way round and on the duvet.

That’s a terrible explanation.


I am sorry to have raised this


Mowing the grass. Exceptional at it, love it, and am gutted when the season ends.

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You could mow the carpet instead in the off-season.

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  • put coverless duvet on chair
  • spread duvet cover on bed
  • grab duvet by two corners (short side)
  • stick arms in duvet cover until you reach the corners furthest away
  • remove arms
  • grab the other two duvet corners
  • stick arms in duvet cover until you reach the corners closest to you
  • remove arms
  • grab duvet and duvet cover closest to you (from the outside)
  • shake duvet
  • DONE!

This is my technique exactly

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Bit extreme


How do you get your arms off?

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I don’t mind an internal mow but we have wooden floors mainly so is a steam job, and there is a pushing-dust-about element that is far from satisfactory. Also, the cleaners do that. I sacked the gardener as I love it out there too much.

(I’ve just realised this makes me look dreadful. Whatever.)

Really wanted to do a Morbotron gif of the bit where Bender does something difficult then his arms drop off, but I can’t remember what episode it’s in.

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Not quite done, as one must then do up whatever fastenings close the cover around the duvet. Which takes as long as the rest of the process combined.

Zip it!

i am very good at hoovering

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