What's your best hiding place? (Current or Former)

Welcome to my thread about hiding places now answer the damn question.


Under the spare bed at my parents house. There was a surprising amount of space and a long vallance (?).

Vallance is, as I recall, like a curtain for the floor when you’re a bed. Seems like a perfect place to hide away!

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Wow! Very stealthy!

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To hide objects or myself?

Yourself of course!

In that case, in my cousin’s house, in his bedroom. It was a very small room but head a chimney breast that was on the same wall as the door. If you stood behind the chimney breast you couldn’t be seen by someone in the doorway. I used this to my advantage during a game of hide and seek where my cousin couldn’t find me for literal hours. Several times he checked his bedroom, but since it was so small, he was confident from looking in from the door that it was empty. Remember reading some magazine about the Underwood brothers while I waited. Think eventually I just went downstairs and gave myself up because I was bored.

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Around a corner

28 years old I was

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Took the side off a hifi system to store bottles of booze at school

Sneaky and cunning

Nice try narc


In my cupboard, which is quite hard to find, as it’s in my brother’s room.

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Classifieds board


The dunes

Inside a whale.



Can you text your cousin and ask about this incident please?

Up my ass