What's your biggest blue unread posts number on a thread?


Mine seems to be this:



Anyone got a 69?


DiS Beer wankers 1046


Rookie error to name the thread because then someone goes and @'s you in it and you absentmindedly go in and mess it up.


i have peered in a couple of times, was a couple thousand before i think





biggest grey (probably. don’t know how to order them by blue / grey)


Nice. Not sure there’s any way to order them by that. I quite like that you entered the thread and marked it as ‘read’ at a point where there were 1209 posts for you to read and then just fucked it off.


must have clicked it by accident or something

  1. Accidentally clicked on the cycling thread but I have a grey number in excess of 5000 on that.


Another accidental cycling thread click here.


The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread 1056


Me too only I went in it and accidentally pressed End, thereby missing out on months of pure cycling gold.


Cycling thread 2.0 - 3409


Oh I’ve got 1437 on the General Election thread. Can’t imagine that’s going to change.


Just mute all the threads I won’t read so this isn’t a thing for me.


Just mute all the threads / users whose posts I won’t read so not a thing for me


More than 1K on the Trump thread. I think that’s a win for me.




:cry: If only that was possible.


You’ve read all of the a to b thread though, right?