What's your biggest blue unread posts number on a thread?

not a fucking geek mate, how do I check?

it’s likely to be one of the posts with loads of replies. So click on where it says “replies” at the top of the list of social board threads, and sort with the biggest threads first.

If you post in the music board then you could do the same on there too.

what’s that? I don’t even get how these numbers work mate

Never mind, you’re better off not knowing :wink:

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Another one for davidoff cool cycling thread


It’s confused me. I’m going to try something to work it out.


Okay, so:

Blue number essentially = the number of new posts since you last visited the thread
Grey number = the number of posts on the thread (excluding new posts) that you’ve not read.

So in @badmanreturns ’ example: he must have visited the cycling thread and then left it again before reading it in its entirety, leaving 3,134 posts unread. Since that point, another 2,320 posts have been made on the thread. So if he was to accidentally visit the thread again, the blue number would disappear and the grey number would increase to 5,400-odd.

@laelfy is right, though: you’re better off not knowing!

181: Rolling Wrestling Thread

Got a grey 987 on the “What TV Show are you currently watching?” though.

Film DisCussion thread.

It’s almost like you liked but never read my reply to Japes about the wrestling thread. :wink:

We did discuss this about a year ago on here.

I thought I’d lay it out in black and white (blue and grey) though.

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Not bad! Recently started muting lots of threads because the blue numbers were getting me all excited about nothing.



2705: Beer Wankers 2.0
2134: The Last Jedi thread