What's your biggest live music regret?

Had tickets to Glassjaw and Saves the Day in that London but didnt go cause of work…I was 17 working in a cinema

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Turning up a day late for Fever Ray on her last tour


manic street preachers

edit: didnt see the live bit, thought general regret

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didnt see lift to experience twice when at uni in cardiff because it was raining and I cba


Didnt you like them? Im not a fan other than the singles and saw them in Wembley and had a great time

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All the kpop shows i didn’t go to 2011-2017ish bc i was too shy to go alone (sorted myself out 2018 onwards and always go alone). The one i regret the most is f(x) playing for free in london 2014 as my favourite member of that group has since passed away


Dont even want to think of how many gigs I missed out on cause of this


Didnt see Hot Cross cause it was raining hard, not sure they played again.

Kvelertak played with Toxic Holocaust and Trap Them and we turned up halfway through Kvelertaks set, saw like 3 songs

Also missing the atp curated by matt groening bc i was too shy to come alone and was still scared of meeting disers irl back then. Will never miss anything out of shyness again :sneezing_face:


Got to putting my card details in for Prince at the Electric Ballroom before deciding to be an adult and not borrow money from my Mum for rent that month. Terrible idea.

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regret not making the most out of the mid-90’s, wanted to see the smashing pumpkins on the mellon collie tour or screaming trees on the dust tour but my pals were more into nofx and rancid so only went to those kinds of gigs, also Reading 95 looking at the line up it still seemed to be in that grunge/alt-rock prime era, by the time I went in 97 it had shifted. with hindsight should have just tried to go, I would have been 14, my parents wouldn’t have had any idea what Reading festival was like on on paper going to see some bands in a field wouldnt have sounded bad


Badly worded joke, ignore!


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Going to see Black Midi.


Not spending that £175 on a Kate Bush ticket


Or, spending about £300 on tickets and a hotel to see The Knife press play on a CD player and have some students dance on a stage


Happy Birthday :grinning:


Didn’t go to see R.E.M. a second time (Loch Lomond, 2005) because they were touring Around The Sun and I’d completely fallen out with them for releasing that turgid excuse for an album

Didn’t go to see Lou Reed on the Berlin tour (Edinburgh Playhouse, 2008) because it was around £50 a ticket, I wasn’t earning much at the time and that seemed very steep

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Only seeing the last song or two of Jay Reatard’s set in 2009 because I got the times wrong. He died the year after.