What's your butter of choice?



I don’t have one, but after the abomination that was Lidl’s own rock salt butter, I bought some Country Life yesterday.

seems like a safe bet, to me

please words


Punk as butter.


Anchor spreadable mate. That’s my shit. The gf loves Lurpak though so we’ve ended up in the absurd situation where we have two butters in the fridge at any given moment.


Lurpak spreadable. The salted one, obv.


not so keen on this behaviour, to be totally frank


Supermarket standard salted. Safe pair of hands. In this context Lidl and Aldi do not count as proper supermarkets.


How come?


Lurpak or nothing for the big lad. None of the others taste like butter.


Bertolli mate.


awful stuff, this


not sure now, thinking about it. might be the ‘spreadable’ thing

I’ll give you a shout in a bit


Thanks mate, appreciated


Just buy the generic blocks from the supermarket, obviously: one salted one for cooking and one unsalted for baking.


Country Life
Anchor “Spreadable”

Whichever one is on offer really.

Have given the Morrisons Lurpark knock off a go and that’s not too bad actually.


Hurdlebrook unsalted butter, made in Somerset using milk from Guernsey cows.


Anchor, salted, non spreadable

Would use supermarket own for baking, but otherwise no substitutes.


^this, but Aldi salted butter is perfectly fine.


Christ, it’s just butter. They all taste the same.

Next up: what brand of milk does everyone buy?


You can add salt to your cooking separately, Theo.

If you need any other tips don’t be afraid to ask.