What's your cheese grated to cheese eaten while grating ratio?



We obviously don’t need a discussion to establish that when you’re grating cheese you take a cheese chunk tax to eat while/directly after grating.

The question is, how much? I’m going to say that I take 20% on top of what I’ve grated, but with a minimum and maximum cheese chunk tax of 10g and 40g.


I’m lactose intolerant, you shit cunt.


Usually about 50/50, as I slice off bits of cheese while everything else is cooking away.


I eat the bits that fall off un-grated during the grating process


was going to post a very similar thread recently about proportions so it was just about cheese. It’ll range between 25% to 50% eaten while cooking for me.



Does anyone eat cheese every day?


Hardly any. Mainly grate Parmesan and I’m not scoffing that down.


same here pal


Is the etc in your parentheses excepting all other cheese that need grating? If so, then… yes


Thank you for clarifying. I’ve also grated red Leicester in the past. I don’t think I would ever buy it again, so, I guess I’m going to say… yes.


@Elaina_Casoolare of course!

why wouldn’t you?
(apart from poor lactose intolerant people & migraine sufferers deprived of this heavenly foodstuff)


That bit in the parenthesis is doing a lot of work…


Other things that I grate regularly:



interesting list. can’t say i’ve ever grated a chilli.

ever grated a potato? me neither.

may i add orange zest?

and kohlrabi.




Yep have done a spud for a rubbish rosti.
You may added orange zest.
I’ve never knowingly eaten kohlrabi.




standard “what the fuck am I going to do with this?” veg box item


Tip for making good rostis: don’t shape them before you put them in the frying pan. Dump a spoonful of grated spud in a frying pan with some meted butter in it, stir it around for half a minute and only then form it into the rosti and continue frying. Helps to dehydrate and also brown the spud thoroughly.