what's your colour

yknow, what looks good on you

blue for me, brings out my lovely eyes

I wear black

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Dark green I think. Or black.

god, same

blue brings out my eyes. but I wear black.

Currently wearing a very fetching pastel yellow. Does it look good? Who knows.

  • black
  • white
  • blue
  • grey
  • purple
  • orange
  • green
  • red
  • yellow
  • brown
  • pink
  • other

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I wear black because otherwise I get that thing where I think everyone is looking at me

Yes same, and also it is slimming

In reality though more people must look at me on really hot days and think ‘what a dope’

Yeah, mostly people are probably looking at me and thinking “ha! this prick things black is ‘slimming’ what an arsehole!”


Olive, according to my other half

I really like wearing green but I don’t know if if it actually suits me.

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Goth army!


Don’t think I have one

What about the Kelly Clarkson song that’s about “Behind Hazel Eyes” though?

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Navy blue, dark green or black I reckon, although nothing suits me of any colour cause of my weird oversized shape.

I don’t know.
Dark green is my favourite colour and I think green and brown(my hair colour) compliment each other so I hope green looks nice on me.
Recently started to suspect grey might suit me. And perhaps blue too.
Wore mostly black for many years when I was just trying to hide my body so I like to wear lots of colour these days to make up for lost time.

I can imagine you being gorgeous in green.

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I’m not sure. I used to only wear blue things, then I had no blue things for a decade or so and now I’ve got some blue things again and I’ve had my eyes mentioned when wearing blue tops. I Like wearing other colours too though, often more.

I think if you enjoy wearing a colour, you’ll be attractive in it because you will exude a joyful confidence.

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I think yellow is your colour