What's your confirmation name?

So many of you are going to hell

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I did get confirmed and just used my real name, which as we all know, is Wiggo


David, I said it was because it’s my dad’s middle name but he was atheist AF and DGAF. Really I just chose it because it sounded right alongside my other names and my imagination didn’t really go much further than “Dave”.

Havent thought about my confy nay in a long time, forgot I had it actually.

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I haven’t been confirmed afaik. Does the Church of England do confirmations? Probably doesn’t help that my parents opted to have me christened as a denomination that neither of them are

Didn’t get confirmed myself but a kid in my school chose Elmo


Yes, but I’ve never heard of confirmation names being a thing in CofE churches

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Joseph, after my grandad. Maybe I was just wanting bonus confirmation money from him and gran. Am I forever in the catholic church’s books now that they’ve given me an extra name that isn’t used anywhere else? (along with the baptism and holy confirmation, dangnammit)

I remember having to go to weekly confirmation evening sessions at the church beforehand, and for some reason the priest was giving some kind of weird scenario about a bunch of people on a small rowing boat, with brief descriptions of them, and us having to see if we were able to choose one to sacrifice / throw overboard (!?) so that the rest could survive. I remember picking the priest character straight away. My real priest guy asked why, and I said it was because he believe in god so he wouldn’t mind dying and going up to heaven, whilst the other people might just want to live a bit more. I think my atheism was kind of already there despite going for this hattrick of catholic blessings.

Still, I think I got £100/£150 confirmation money from various family members, so I was over the moon with it all!


No, what?! Nothing quite says ‘Jesus’ like “throw 'em overboard” I guess…

I chose my grandma’s name. My sister chose both my mothers first and middle name and insisted on using it which was silly because she then had 3 3-syllable names in a row plus a 3-syllable surname


Yeah, it feels strange trying to think about it now, so maybe I somehow have forgotten the exact details and there was just 5 cinema tickets to give to 6 people and I still said the priest should be left out. But it feels like it was a boat and death/heaven choice.

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Didnt know this was a real religious thing, thought it was to do with takeaway deliveries. Can we have an explanation/definition for heathens?

You have to go to weekly classes at church, choose someone to throw out a boat, then choose a name of a saint to be a bonus middle name which has no legal purpose, have a ceremony for it in church, receive congratulations cards and gifts, then post about it on a music board 30 years later. Pretty sure that would be the explanation on Wikipedia.



Was born on Saint Joseph’s day & My parents did have family members cross with them for not calling me Joseph in the first place.

It was my choice though, I always liked the name & still tend to use Joe as my character name on FIFA/Football manager.


I went to school with someone who was Catholic who really, really did not get that Protestantism and Catholicism are different, like she was shocked when I was telling her that I was refusing to get confirmed , she was like “Weren’t you confirmed when you were 8?”. Also socked that my dad was a priest.

Despite having very religious parents, this was not really a thing that i was aware of when growing up at all. Think they mostly subscribed to the baptist approach where you decide to get baptised when you’re ready, dunno if choosing a name is part of it.

Never did it cause i can’t really marry up my views on life with any religion.

Eternal life in absolute bliss sounds terrifying anyway.

Only thing I remember about it is that in the confirmation classes beforehand we had to talk about what god does for us and one guy said god “gives him the spunk to do stuff” which was the funniest thing any of us had ever heard.

When my older sister got confirmed I really fancied one of the other girls getting confirmed on the same day, and I had quite a nice time at the service because I could just gaze adoringly at her stood up there for 20 mins while all the business was going on at the front.

My younger sister said a guy pooped his pants in her confirmation class, and she was so badly behaved that the deacon’s wife had to have a word with my mum afterwards. When my mum asked her why she was badly behaved my sister said “there’s just no god is there?” and my mum credits that as the exact moment where her over 40 years of staunch Christianity melted away in an instant, after that really persuasive nugget from her 10 year old.


My sister picked Attracta as her confirmation name because her feast day coincided with her birthday.

Didn’t care, still called her Tractor for years.


It would surely be first holy communion at 8 not confirmation? Think they might have got mixed up between the two sacraments.


googles “what is a confirmation name?”

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Baptised but never confirmed as my gran fell out with the church. She was a headmistress of a Catholic primary school for years and always believed that Protestants were bad people. Then she had to go to do some work in a Protestant school and realised they were nice people. She felt that the church had conned her all these years so told them where to go. Was quite a big deal, especially as her sister was a nun.