What's your corner shop combo?

Yes, one of these again.

Softy! Crispy! Boozy! Sweety!..ish

No substitutions, NO category swaps.

It’s D, 5, A, 1 isn’t it?

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D, 1, A, 2

D, 1, b, 4

nothing, 1, a, 3

Absolute cowards in here including me not getting a box of nurofen

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D, 1, A, 3

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have cans of hooch even existed for like 20 years

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I wanna know @Bamnan s

D, 3, A, 5.

what are the rules?

D 1 A 1

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One from each row, absolutely no substitutions or row swapping.

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if it’s one from each category I’ll take



Don’t want any of those things. Just a packet of discos

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You’re getting Nourishment milkshake, a bottle of echo falls and some e-cig juice with that.


I actually do this when I’m working away in Ipswich. Go to a proper corner shop and buy the weirdest things I can eat and drink

I call it tractor tapas

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A 3 a 3 i guess.

Will be going to a different corner shop in future!!!



Getting verdant and deya from ipswich corner shops??

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