Whats your credit score?

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Inexplicably good

Good, but not great.

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No idea. They gave me a mortgage though, so not terrible I think (unless you can still get a mortgage with a terrible score, I don’t know how it works).

Dunno exactly, but yer man at Carphone Warehouse said I could take out x contracts because my credit check came back so good.

*where x = the maximum number they’ll let you take out

I believe it’s lower than the average UK score because I’ve never really taken out any credit cards, which increases your score (I’ve only had joint ones).

Nice to see my “long term debt” now has the mortgage in there, great stuff.

392 (Equifax)

What is it then?

I saw something the other day saying the housing market was going to crash, how does that make you feel?

Is there a free, quick and easy way to check so we can all participate in a quantitative manner?

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Can’t remember. Whenever I sign up for these things I always forget my log in details, all I recall is that it was good but not perfect, a 7/10 kind of situation.

457/700 (clearscore)

What are you using to check it?

In the low 400s, which is up from the 300 it was at about 6 months ago.

Had numerous long-term debts / settlements on my record, the last of which clears in a couple of months. Once that goes, hopefully should be a little higher again.

Might get a credit card then just to boost the score a little - maybe to put Netflix subscription or something on and pay it off immediately.

Oh wait, I managed to get into Experian, 925 / 999.

literally no opinion

glad we don’t need to worry about some arsehole landlord increasing rent and that but ultimately i have no interest in decorating the piece of shit flat we bought so we’ve basically been living in a fucking shithole for the last 6 months with absolutely no end in sight

No idea.

Really good.