What's your current bed linen like?


I’m about to put mine out to wash and put the other set on. Currently white cotton with a small line of gold leaves; about to change it over to light pink satin with velvet detail and some beads. Always over a black bedsheet.

What about you?


got this on atm



black on one side / grey on the other. grey bedsheet. matching pillow cases.


Grey and white stripes.


Mos Def’s follow up moved towards a less absolutist ethical code


FFS, have you really?



and it’s not even the only bike duvet cover I have


do you also have this one?



the other one is a double version of this




<img src="/uploads/drownedinsound/original/2X/0/01176b77d209bfc9900269a858e470ca1dc46374.jpg" width=“281” height=“500”

John Lewis cotton ones. I like em


NIce bedside table, that.


Try again


I’ll just pop a brace of cacti next to me bonce.


When I hear the plants photosynthesising in the morning I know it’s time to get up.


White with grey circles. Blue bedsheet/pillows.


Visiting family, so not currently using it, but this- Orla Kiely from TK Maxx. Once you start on the luxury bedding, it’s hard to go back.

Also got these two from there: