What's your current food or non alcoholic drink go to

what about the jam one. me and @barleysugar and @fappable think it’s bangin

Hot: latte made using my flatmate’s espresso machine
Cold: Belvoir rose lemonade
Sweet: Any “posh” supermarket own brand milk chocolate bar
Savoury: M&S spiced lamb pastry parcel things

All three of us own shares in it

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Now I’ve got a freezer for the first time in nearly two years I’ve been eating a lot of fish finger sandwiches

And beer?

god’s own lunch

Wonder if there’s a person who drinks camomile tea instead of water


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does it taste like jam on toast?

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it legitimately does. it’s lovely. and i was v sceptical at first

Ha! £19.20? I’m buying a box tomorrow for £14.

Irn Bru Extra
Bowl of Burts Sea Salt crisps with grated cheese on (home)
Mini Tunnocks wafers out of a bucket (work)

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