What's your current style DiS?


Things are horrible and serious this week on multiple political fronts, so thought we could take it easy in here.

What are you tending to wear these days? This past year I’ve tended to side with wearing long sleeve tshirts while it’s been cold, but need to stock up on some light shirts for summer. Still can’t find anything I like to wear more than jeans which is annoying/fine though.

Gonna get a new suit for upcoming weddings I reckon. Unsure on colour

What’s going on in YOUR wardrobe?


I’ve started buying all my clothes from tk maxx




I’ve got style, miles and miles, so much style that it’s wasted.


Indistinguishable from @Aggpass


Got into a habit of wearing off black
Been going on for about two years
Off black jeans with off black t-shirt
Saves me thinking in the morning

If you want me to send you the chorus just PM me


I need better shoes, but Thread.com keep recommending me shoes that are exclusively for cunts. The last pair they recommended were snakeskin plimsoles, which they advised pairing with faux-distressed denim cut-offs.


My style is the same as always. Light jumpers in the winter, figure-huggingly-tight polo shirts the rest of the year, t-shirts on the weekend. And jeans most of the time (slightly hipsterish denim shorts in the summer).


‘Off- @ruffers’ would have sufficed


distressed grandad


Cardigan and a frown


Immediately reminded me of this



I am a complete Jake these days but too poor to buy new clothes. wear these jeans every day


plain t-shirt
zip up hoodie


Make a little berghaus in your soul.


ooo! Sadpunk vs Jordan!!!




Same shit as always, xylo. Same shit as always.


Part Chimp
Distressed Grandad

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