What's your default volume setting on the TV?



assuming they all go from 1-100, that is. @chris-budget 's obviously goes to 102, but that’s for another time.

9 for me. solid, clean ears. perfectly loud enough for me. sometimes go to 18 or 19, mostly for MotD and movies, but always put it back to 9 at the end of the night.

is this a thread?


Depends on time of day. Standard is 6 on a morning, 8 on an evening, 3 late at night.
Just seems louder sometimes :confused:


My soundbar (fuck you @ericthefourth) has no numerical value.




can you make something up?


Between 10 and 12. Louder for fillums.




My soundbar (fuck you @ericthefourth as well) has a numerical value up to 30 and is on 14 by standard (up in the 20s when playing games/films from my PS4 as they’re quieter for some reason)


Yeah sometimes when I am watching a (legally) torrented film I have to put it on volume mother fucker and then I switch back to normal TV and blast everyone out of the house.


Maximum volume on the PVR, about 9 on the TV.


Guys, PVR is Personal Video Recorder.


9 or a 10, usually.





12 in the mornings, occasionally going up to 15 for evening use.

Either I am going deaf or else the TV is getting quieter as I used to have it on lower than this (it is 9 years old tbh tbf so prolly due for the knacker’s yard)…


Post paedo-gate yesterday I’m leaving this well alone.


13 or so as standard. up to 19 for films or high budget television dramas. My hearing’s a bit shot so I like it at 16 as standard, the TV likes it about 10 as standard, we compromise


i ahve no dea


This reminds me that I need to buy a sound bar


I’m talking about 23-25
Life’s too short for quiet telly man


I’m not even on Facebook.