What's your desk setup?

Been getting a bit of eye strain recently and turns out it’s likely because I’m facing a window and it’s much sunnier at the moment. Turns out there’s loads of debate online about whether you should face windows (due to distractions and looking into the sunlight all day) or face into a room (ideally with a wall behind you to avoid flare).

Think I’m gonna split the difference and just sit on a weird angle 🤷

Hey sean.

I’m facing a window too. But I pull my blind down when it gets too sunny.

edit: this isn’t mean to be snippy. I’m lucky to have a blind on this window.

Facing out the window for me, so far hasn’t been too sunny, but I can shut the curtains if need be.

Seems to me a good thing to have some stuff in the background to look at, and I’d think it would be better for the eyes to have stuff at a range of distances to focus on.

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Facing a window with the blind pulled down but on my left is the famous view over London that is being documented every morning. Only need to turn my head a bit to enjoy it.

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I like having a window behind me because it’s a cast iron excuse not to have the camera on during meetings. If I do put the camera on, I’m just a silhouette, so there’s no point.

My window is to the side - I want to avoid strong contrast when facing my monitor, and also glare/reflections, so both facing a window, and having my back to a window, are less than ideal.

I’m in the box room, which is narrow, with a window at the end, so my desk and bookcase is along one side wall.

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I look out the window. I was in the corner to the side, but the room was so gloomy I needed to see some daylight while I was working. If the glare gets a bit much I pull a curtain across

Can’t really comment re: windows.


My situation is very not recommended necessarily but I’ve warmed to it as a batshit work nook.

I prop my work computer up on the little TV stand thing (which was actually meant for a desktop computer we had decades ago) in front of the TV, have the keyboard on my lap, and a big book on my bed that I use as a mousepad. I sit on a garden chair propped just next to my bed and placed just precisely so the legs don’t press on the wires for my guitar amp or all the other wires for the PS4 and that

If I want to watch telly or play games, I gotta hoist the hefty puter down

Listen to the metropolitan elite over here. Next you’ll be telling me you don’t have to sit with the laptop on the corner of your bed for 16 hours a day and own an actual chair and table. SHOCKING!


It’s a charmed life I lead.

Varies depending on what room utilisation is like at home and what level of quiet I need - sometimes at bedroom desk (though the chair is not optimal for typing for long periods), sometimes dining table, sometimes on a small side table when I’m sitting on the sofa, sometimes on my lap. I am a very flexible, agile worker/I need to set up a proper office space but I cba so this is my ridiculous situation.

I face away from the windows and can use blinds to stop sun glare.

It’s a decent set up but I do worry I don’t get enough chance to change my focus - I saw things recommending looking at something far away (like one of those cows in Father Ted) for a bit as a regular break helps avoid eye strain. I don’t do that.

flat surface on top, legs vertical on the ground to hold it up


Side window crew checking in


The new Black Squadron?

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But enough about my sex moves

Facing a window, just pull the curtain across if it gets too bright

Here’s the current sitch. Best bit about it is the kumquat on the window

Whenever I’m wrong
Just tell me the song and I’ll sing it
You’ll be right and understood
What’s your desk
What’s your desk
What’s your desk setup