What's your dream?

Like, the BIG one? Your biggest pie-in-the-sky dream that’ll almost certainly not happen but you allow yourself to daydream about it from time to time.

We’ll say that things like ‘being happy’ and ‘finding true love’ and the like are read, I want to hear about the slightly off-the-wall stuff, like going to Mars or winning a Nobel prize.

To have enough money to not live month to month and pay off some debts. Simple man really

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Yeah you’re gonna have to try harder than that buddy

To wear ten hats at the same time


That’s achievable

would like to invent a whole new genre of music or even less likely, to get ripped and be a super sexy man

I refer you to point 1. I also never wear hats

Constantly get myself out of ruts by daydreaming about spending the second half of my life becoming our generation’s Tove Jansson. Sometimes these dreamlike goals are useful just as a reminder that nothing is forever and achievements can happy at any point in life and that life is a long time if you use it properly.

Also always harboured a vague suspicion that I’m a world famous DJ in-waiting who just hasn’t learnt the craft or made any tunes yet. not 100% convinced I won’t headline some major music festivals before I die

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finishing ‘A song for Jook’


This is the kind of thing I was looking for!

I know what you mean re becoming a famous musician, I still harbour those weird beliefs about myself but I’m yet to do anything other than make an album using a load of samples. Don’t play an instrument or anything. And yet…

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It’s my raffle prize and you literally have to finish it, and if you don’t I’ll hunt you down

(Take your time though babes)

following on from this, despite all of the ‘you can become anything you put your mind to’ or ‘speak things into existence’ shite that we get fed a lot of, I’ve just about given up on the idea that I’ll be one of the greatest footballers of all time.

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For Disintegration State to become so massive we can buy Tidal from Jay Z and then accidentally run it into the ground through an absolute lack of business nous.


I have about 6/7 weeks to make my actual impossible dream come true, get back to me after that


Starting to realise that even my incredibly realistic goal of playing a senior match for Scotland isn’t going to happen

quite fancy trying out for the San Marino squad or a fifth tier domestic Greek football team just to ever so slightly increase the possibility of making an impact on the game

Yeah, I’ve reluctantly had to accept now that I’m not going to be captaining Wales to victory in the World Cup.

At least you can take solace in the fact that no one else will be

I’d quite like to spend a year travelling round the world, but, you know, money.

Quantising gravity, obviously