What's your earliest memory?

I cant’t really remember much before nursery. Do remember when I was about 2 in an old house in Shrewsbury ee lived in asking my dad what was in a bag and saying I like surprises. No idea why that is the only thing I remember before moving oop north

When Chris is cool called jdtraynor Mr j DICK traynor


I can remember seeing plane lights from the deck of a ferry, which I’m told must have been when I was about 18 months old.

Then basically nothing until university.

it was a bit cold this morning

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remember being upset at being trapped in a crib, must have been a couple of months old.

wasn’t it something like JD(ick) Traynor?

i’m sure brackets were involved…

Chill out rutger hauer


Quite right! Memories fade

Not sure. I have a couple of memories from nursery (my friend Joe stealing the cool push along bike with the shiny sticker off me), and I sometimes think I have memories of going into hospital to see my younger brother when he was born, and being at a party after his christening (which was also England - Germany in World Cup 1990). Another possible memory of falling in a pond at my grandparent’s house, but these might be false memories that have been created retrospectively by hearing about the events.

When a wasp flew up my nostril on a camping holiday when I was 3.

Earliest properly vivid memory is Gascoigne’s goal against Scotland (and all of england’s subsequent games at Euro '96) when I was 4 and a half

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Walking around the living room while my mum was hoovering, it was really noisy. I was holding one of those cardboard baby books. Think I was about 2

Around a very similiar time so I can’t quite tell them apart but it’s one of:

  • My granddad in his bedroom shortly before he passed, he had lung cancer and the end was pretty rough. Spent the last few weeks in his bed not really able to move with loads of oxygen machines and stuff everywhere.
  • In the playground at school a girl said she didn’t like Toy Story 1 so I pushed her over.

Think I also remember shitting myself but the context is really hazy on that one.

Thanks for bringing up these wonderful memories TKC!

Abandoned Ice Cube lyrics


Jeez DD


england’s subsequent games at Euro '96) when I was 4 and a half

Fucking hell


(though probably bolstered by the whole thing being replayed on the telly every few years so it’s never really faded idk)

Holiday in a mobile home in Brittany. I can remember that it had an orange plastic litter bin, but nothing else stands out.

I think I was about 14 months old.

I meant that it makes me feel old.

ah I see (needlessly defensive ^this’d my post etc.)