What's your earliest memory?

Mine is of being angry and stressed at being in my crib when I was a baby and then climbing up onto the top of it and tipping myself out.

Also think I also have an earlier synesthetic /emotional memory of being in the womb but that is hard to explain.

remember my alarm going off at 8 o’clock this morning


I lived in North Carolina when I was 3-5 and I have a memory of playing with a matchbox jeep on a thick carpet. I had pulled a dead leaf off a houseplant and stuffed it into the tiny jeep and I was pushing it backwards and forwards over the thick carpet.

It’s boring but you asked


remember @Icarus-Smicarus getting up at 8:09 this morning :alarm_clock:

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no this is a good and detailed memory

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Alright guy Pearce in memento

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I mean I have no way of knowing if my memory is real or a compound of other memories and anecdotes from my mum but I want to choose to believe it is real and belongs to me

9 tbh :confused:

15-16 months old. having my nappy changed on the metal draining board of a sink. i cried because it was so cold and felt awful.


hope it is a nice one :slight_smile:

Singing You Are My Sunshine to my grandad when I was 3. My only memory of him and I actually can’t even see him, I just know he’s near


Shitting myself in the ford Granada on the way to somewhere in south of France
Throwing up over my mum’s shoulder and then into a drain when in the south of France
Bloody love the south of France!


aww that is adorable and heartbreaking


Vomiting into a blue bucket whilst watching crocodile Dundee.
Getting stung by a bee on my cheek.
sucking on honeysuckle in the garden.


only have one memory of my dad and it is of him not being happy that I was up early in the morning and cutting me a piece of cheese. What a shit memory to save!

I don’t actually know because

  • my mum died before I could fact check any of this stuff
  • my dad is hopeless at remembering dates / events

But it’s one of a possible few things:

  • going to St David’s on holiday and playing in the rock pools with this amazing blue and yellow boat. And playing with the same boat in the bath
  • going to a swimming pool and thinking that going under water was the coolest thing ever. So I’d just disappear under water for ages. Gave my parents the fright of their lives as they thought I’d drowned :grimacing:
  • getting bollocked by my nan for not looking before crossing the road and nearly getting run over

Or maybe meeting my grandad for the one and only time and first thing I said was “are you going to die?” And he said “oh no, I’m far too busy for that” and then died…not right in that moment but soon after


aaah, this thread is intense, I’m sorry if I’ve brought up bad or strong emotions for anybody

I’m sorry for your loss

i broke my ankle as a baby and i have a vague memory of it, of kicking it off a metal bit in my car seat or something (seems ridiculous for a baby car seat to have exposed metal but then i guess this might have been normal circa 1990). and of screaming and crying a lot while we pulled up outside the hospital. no memory of the rest of the events… not sure what age i was, like 2 at most.

often wonder whether i genuinely remember this or whether i made this up in my head a couple of years later on being told about it, but i feel pretty sure it’s the former.

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