What's your favourite dinosaur?

They’re like a bull and a rhino combined and can take down a T. Rex. Definitely the best one

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I love a good stegosaurus but this guy takes the title:

The 1990 exhibition Dinosaurs Alive was the best thing ever to hit Edinburgh. A bunch of animatronic dinosaurs which could move their heads about 6 inches in each direction. No child who visited will ever forget how awesome it was. Pretty sure they had one of those guys ^ on display.

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Worst dinosaur: Iguanodon

Found this lad terrifying as a kid at the nhm


I remember reading that bigger dinosaurs possibly had much higher body temperatures. I’m not sure if that’s a cause or effect of them being big though

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I got a book on dinosaurs for Christmas. Might find an answer in there when I finally get around to reading it

Before I realised it was just a “suggested video” at the end this had me very, very confused.

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Big fan of the ankylosaurus - wanders around, minds their own business, kneecaps anyone who tries to start on them with a tail club. GBOL.


This one. GBO quests.


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Haha, actually that reminds me, I’ve a friend in Scarborough and there’s this amazing “haunted house” near the sea front - not so much a tacky fairground attraction as an admirable labour of love by a proper movie buff who really loves horror films. At the exit you’re caught completely unawares in the pitch black by this HUGE T-Rex head which may well have been part of the above yer man may have bought off the NHM… we’d never metaphorically shat our pants that much :joy:

Evolution I guess


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The deadliest dinosaur of all… MAN


dinosaurs were around way way longer than we’re likely to last.