What's your favourite expression?


quite like a few liverpudlian expressions I hear from my mum and gran quite often

calling someone ‘Queen’ in a combative situation
swerve him/her

had a few Liverpudlians who came into the pub I worked in years ago, and they kept saying ‘one fer yersel’ after ordering a pint which was nice.

Liverpudlians are the best northerners


'“Bob’s yer aunties live in lover”


The Italian version of cutting off your nose to spite your face is “cutting off your dick because you don’t want to fuck your wife any more”.


German version of ‘stones throw away’ is Katzensprung which means a cat’s leap away. Which i love and use myself.


Doesn’t this just mean “take a small tip for yourself” and not actually “have a whole drink or the equivalent cost for yourself”? Or did I dream hearing that


Yeah it’s a tip I think.


Mum’s favourite is “You’re not as green as you are cabbage-looking,” to someone that exhibits vague intelligence for a bit.

A favourite at the local bike shop is “POSTOS” for an unspecified problem: Piece Of Shit, Twat On Saddle.


my pal had ‘thick as a submarine door’ on his tinder for a long time.


To describe his intelligence or…





I didn’t want to think about that