What's your favourite font?


Interesting and kindof weird how these things work sometimes

$500 dollars for a bespoke logo for one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. Doesn’t seem right to me

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I dunno, wish I got paid $100 per letter

Boy Scout Utility Modern


Quite like those 1930s (?) sans serif ones like they use on London Transport.

Gill Sans?

The London Underground one is a different one (Johnson or Johnston I think), but they’re similar in style, yes.

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I still remember when Chiller came out. They were exciting times at my school let me tell you

snap itc


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the Dinosaur Jr/Patisserie Valerie one

Used to be Johnston, then New Johnston and is now Johnston 100.

Eric Gill was Johnston’s student and based Gill Sans on it.

Futura or Gill Sans (but I try not to think about Eric Gill too much)

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Any serif font. Only edgelords use sans serif

Yep. To say he was a terrible person is a massive understatement, frankly.

Instinctively think Arial but can’t be bothered to check

Copperplate gothic. Solid font that

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Strong first post!
Welcome, Billy :wave:


I like calibri as my go to but have a soft spot for verdana size 8, because when I was using notepad as a 13yo to copy an entire digimon fanfiction and replace my name one by one with the author’s name, which was also the protagonist’s name (like Microsoft find and replace didnt exist lmao) it was looking inauthentic until I found the same font she used which was verdana size 8 and that left me so satisfied. I still use that size and font in notepad now when editing html or css files :sweat_smile:

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