What's your favourite glass?


Please describe it to me. You could even take a picture if you like.


Uuuugggh, It broke a few months ago. Thanks for reminding me :wink:



One of the Cambridge beer festival pint glasses. I don’t really care which one.


Alternatively: dragon



shoutout to @profk


I had so many of these. I think I’m down to my last one, this charmer (I used to have the Cavalier to match)


Look at these beauties!


DID have one of these beauties until earlier this week when the stem smashed - irked




Mostly just drink water out of it, but it’s nice to feel fancy


Missus bought me these Mad Men whisky tumblers with the wee gold rim a few years ago, I absolutely love them. The glass is really thin so gives a much better mouthfeel @Balonz



I rarely drink out of these, but I love them :heart:


I always drink out of a mug, even water. Less slippery to wash up and we don’t have any glasses the right size. My favourite mug is a big one with cats on that my boyfriend bought me, or maybe it’s the one with birds on that the cat one was substituted with the first time he ordered it. It wasn’t a present for a birthday or anything, just a surprise present because i like cats. Thankfully i also like birds


My parents have got a set of the ones in the top right!


:nail_care: :nail_care: :nail_care:

Everytime :heart_eyes:


I love them! This is my second batch after smashing all the previous ones!!



Water tastes weird out of a mug


Either of these. Had the Argyle one since I was about 18 so it’s served me well.