What's your favourite hob?

Mine is top right, mostly by process of elimination. The bottom two don’t work and top left is too small.

They’re all bloody GBOL but as mentioned in the conversation with Ruffers, got to be front right. Convenience is king in these situations


Biggest even though most times having it on full flame is a silly idea, that’s me.

Front left=front right (FL is a big one and FR is smaller so both good for different things)>Back right (the other big one, no need for it really)>back right (too small and too much reaching involved.

Front right or back left

The other two are dead to me


Bottom left

Typical DiS answer but ‘depends what I’m cooking’

  • front left (big) for frying things
  • front right (small) for simmering things, scrambled egg etc
  • rear front and right (medium) for rice and pasta and/or leaving things to stay warm.

If I had to choose a favourite it’d be the front left but they all have their place. And it’s always good fun when you’ve got all four hobs on the go at once.

Hate all my current hobs

Front left is champion in my house.

Front right. (closest medium size one.)

Anyone going to admit to having more than 4 hobs and being a secret trillionaire?

It’s different since I had kids - previously it was front left, but for safety I’ve shifted to the rear.

Rear right is the largest flame so is my main/only cooking one. Rear left is small and is reserved for chai only.

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Strongly dislike my electric hob. I dream of one day having a gas hob. When gas is cheaper. Obvs


Mine has 5. Not a trillionaire.

My favourite is the left side which is either 1 zone or two separate hobs

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I’m just jealous tbh, I’d love a 5/6 hobber.

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In the DIY thread I posted a lot about the ordeal of trying to get a larger hob. It didn’t work out in the end. Do love our induction hob though. Quite like those fancy ones with built in extraction but no idea if they really do a good job

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Back right for coffee as that’s the only one that a mokka pot will work on (even though it’s meant to work on induction), otherwise front right as that has more power even though they are theoretically all the same.

Reckon if I had the money for a big house I’d just spend loads on a professional kitchen set up. Fuck all that home cinema, tennis court nonsense, just give me hobs.