What's your favourite Horror film?


It’s nearly Halloween. I love horror films. What are your favourite horror films? Tell me. I want all the recommendations. The more nuts the better.

I’ll go first…

Stage Fright: Aquarius. 1987. Directed by Michele Soavi. How can you not love a film where the killer wears a giant owl head as his disguise? YASSSS.


Little Shop of (s)




Secretly think anyone who’s really into horror films is a wrong 'un.

Except Evil Dead, if that counts.


I used to think that, before I became one of them! I’m totally sane, I promise.


Please don’t @ me.


Jacob’s Ladder, a tale of a humble handyman haunted by spooky apparatus

Or the original Halloween
Or Basket Case


We’ve got ourselves a scaredy cat!

(I really like horror films, not like the weird obsessives but in a really cool way that chicks dig)


was thinking about getting a trial of shudder for hallowe’en. anyone tried it?


Watched Spoorloos the other day which was a bit different. One of those ones that sticks with you a bit after it finishes too. Would recommend.


I’m yet to watch Jacob’s Ladder. It looks really disturbing! I hear it’s amazing though.

Speaking of Halloween… are you a fan of John Carpenter generally? I’m going to see him this Saturday coming! Can’t wait!


Rosemary’s Baby


Recognise my name then? :slight_smile:


Didn’t think many people were called Rosemary anymore


Yeah The Thing’s great
I listen to his soundtracks a lot, especially assault on precinct 13, I’m sure it’ll be amazing man

fuck yeahhhhh


well good.


Spoorloos is great


Under the Shadow
Kill List
another shout for Spoorloos
Peeping Tom
Woman in the Dunes (it counts)
The Swimmer (it also counts)
berberian Soun Studio
Eyes Without a Face



Probably one of:

The Thing
American Werewolf In London
The Descent


Did you hear they’re remaking Suspiria? Hardly a surprise… but to be honest I was a little surprised.