What's your favourite item of clothing?


Describe it and post pics and videos


Used to be my no age t shirt, pretty nicely faded now. But it doesn’t fit no more as I’m fatter than I used to be.

But now it’s probably a thick M&S jumper, blue and white thread, possibly a bit fisherman looking and it looks alright on me tbh (not many things do)

Ignore the beer, picture not taken today.


Can’t find a better picture but this shirt, I’m well into shirts with ribbons at the neck


probably these kicks. at least 8 years old, falling apart at the seems, but I’m going to cling on until they disintegrate


1998 Holland shirt, obviously.


Penge CC jersey.



its a massive corduroy shirt that I’ve worn to destruction and is now literally a rag that basically resembles a piece of clothing.


i used to have that no age shirt in grey. bloody loved it. no idea where it went.


It was these Hummels but I wore them to death and had to retire them.

Currently it’s probably my tie-dye Dinosaur Jr. t-shirt.


I’ve got a couple of new-ish t-shirts that I like, both on a space / lunar theme.

One is the t-shirt I’m wearing here:

And the other is this one (excuse the sheepish expression)

Also I have two H&M hoodies (one navy, one burgundy) that I wear once or twice a week each. They’re just dead comfy.


Love it when clothes go missing. Got a decent Rapha t-shirt, but it’s lost somewhere underneath the TVs clothing explosion on her side of the room. Reckon I might not see it again.


Loved my old Hummel trainers. GBOT


A tee for the band HEALTH. That a) I can’t find in my wardrobe, or b) online. Harrumph. It was well cool.

Was black, with loads of wavy neon reflective lines and said something like LOVE DISCO FASHION MUSIC.

Edit: Only photo I can find of me in it, you can barely see it, bleugh.


Black jumper seen here at this DiS meet in the wild

  • warm
  • fits
  • goth af


You have exceptionally white teeth, Ruffers


Dunno how, I’m a once a day brushing fool!


their tees are/were always great :+1:


Gutted I can’t find it. Really faded in the wash though. Can’t track a decent photo down of it either, and I was always wearing it :frowning:


first thing I noticed about you were the choppers, man! solid, solid set


Definitely going to buy a new pair when I get paid. Would happily buy these: