What's your favourite memory of a live gig moment


Awkward wording

Was listening to Be Safe by The Cribs and it will always remind me of them at Glastonbury, about 12 in the afternoon, nice and sunny, already a bit drunk. My mate asks if I think they’ll play Be Safe, I said probably not. Literally as soon as I said that, the intro starts and Lee Ranaldo pops up on the screens. It sounded huge too.

Almost bested by Kanye on his crane later that weekend


When Jeff Mangum played The Union Chapel. I luckily went to both. They were brilliant intense hushed gigs with just him and a guitar. The best moment was the support band coming down the aisles when Two Headed Boy turned into The Fool. Everyone had a huge smile on their faces as it was a perfect move. That was the moment I immediately thought of when reading the title of this thread.


Blur at Glastonbury 2009 - they started playing Tender and immediately the whole crowd started singing “Oh my baby, oh my baby…”

Sigur Ros at Rock Wechter 2008 - I’d been separated from my friends but when they started playing Hafsol I turned around and they were all there, stood in a row, smiling at me.

That time Spiritualized played Ladies & Gentlemen in full at the Manchester Apollo, and I felt an overwhelming surge of emotion as Jason sang “all I want from life is a little bit of love…” RIGHT at the start, and I thought “Christ, I might not make it through this.”


:’( Ditto that Blur moment, rarely do I ever describe a headline set at a major festival as truly magical but Blur in 2009 was truly magical.


always enjoy the huge cheers to the Liffey reference when Radiohead play How To Disappear Completely in Dublin


Oh fuck, Blur playing Tender at Hyde Park a week or so later absolutely wrecked me , the whole set was utterly beautiful :cry:

Likewise with Spiritualized at the Barbican playing Ladies and Gentleman, I was a blubbering mess throughout that too. Seeing David Bryne & St Vincent playing This Must Be the Place at Roundhouse left me quite fragile also.


Beck in 2006 doing a few acoustic songs mid-set and his band members all sitting down at a dinner table with the dancer guy acting as their waiter, before they all start doing percussion by tapping the table/tapping wine glasses with cutlery and shaking fruit-shaped shakers. all while the puppet versions of themselves did the same thing in miniature nearby.


I’ll try to come up with a better one, but the moment I started crying during Where I End And You Begin in Cardiff 2003, a song I didn’t even rate before hand. I’d never cried at a live song before, barely done so since… looking at you, The Antlers


This is up there for me - shambolic and beautiful in equal measures…


FOTL Glasgow Barfly 07 or 08. Falco dismantling Jacks drums towards the end of the last song. Did the same thing when they toured Travels at Tunnels in Aberdeen


Damian going into the crowd then into the toilets mid song (still ‘singing’). Fucked Up Shred Yr Face tour Glasgow Garage 09


Kelson going about on an audience member’s shoulders while playing bass and holding the guy’s plastic pint glass with his mouth


Noble from BSP climbing on the shoulders of the tallest audience member, after earlier trying to leap onto the pillar near the stage mid-song and falling on his arse.


Rage Against The Machine, Glasgow Barrowlands, on their second album tour. My mate said “look at this”. I look around and see about 150 people crowd surfing at the same time. The most mental gig I’ve ever been at.


Think @shucks has a similar story but there was a sausage on a stick involved. Might be getting the disser and story confused though


It was 2007. Remember telling Jack it was the best gig I’d seen that year


i think that was shucks’ story yeah, involving Jimmy a few years later i think


Dananananaykroyd wall of hugs!


God I miss that. :cry:

Being pulled onstage with all my friends during a Dangers show and all singing and hugging my pals.


I used to love seeing Gay For Johnny Depp for the participation