What's your favourite NIGHTCLUB?

Past, or present. Do you even like nightclubbing? Atm, I’m a big fan of Phonox in Brixton. Similarly, I’ve always liked XOYO when I’ve been.

Probably Satans Hollow tbh. The main toom is hilarious and the little room plays amazing pop punk stuff. Cheap too

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Corsica studios - elephant and castle

Honourable mentions for the end and fabric.


Also im feeling a bit old for clubbing now but it aint half great if its a good night.boozing and singing to great songs is mint

MMA in Munich’s the best I’ve ever been to. I like Corsica Studios but it’s always, always oversold. Fabric’s great but expensive, really like the space and sound at Bloc but the lineups are very hit and miss.

Liquid - Bas Vegas

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You’re completely right about CS. I used to go on Thursdays when I was a student and it was just crowded enough. I find it’s the same with all tiny, basement clubs in Dalston, always far too packed. Sound like my Da

Even I’ve been to Corsica studios and I hate that London

Too old for nightclubbing these days, but used to love going to The Garage that used to be held at The Cockpit in Leeds on Friday nights around '98/'99. Main room played contemporary indie/dance/rock, middle room played metal and the third room played 80s/90s indie; Smiths, Weddoes etc. It was great, it probably played a part in my now permanent tinnitus!

You ever been to Jaded at CS? Keep meaning to give it a try if the lineup’s any good, reckon’s it’s probably the best way to enjoy the place if you’re not above staying out until 3 in the afternoon.

The underground bit of that hell’s angels chapter in Bristol, reminds me of whatever Matrix film it is where they have a big party in a cave.

The Dungeon in Southampton RIP!!!

Jaxx on a Thursday night.

The one I go to most often (and therefore default favourite I suppose) is Under Bron

Long for the good old days of Big Kahuna at Smithfields & Heavenly Jukebox at Turnmills though

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White Heat at Madame Jojo’s was great as far as indie discos went, actually. Had some very good times there.

Always enjoyed Passing Clouds in Dalston too.

Solely for twats.

Heh - was prob at the cockpit at the same time as you then.

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The orbit, after dark club, Morley. By a country mile.



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