What's your favourite ocean?

When I swam in a beautiful lake in Bacalar, Mexico a big fish started following me around :scream:

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Do you like the film that’s called Big Fish?

I have not seen the film that is called Big Fish. I am woefully inept at watching films.

Edit - damn autocorrect FU my phone

Tasty morsel!

I watched the film called Big Fish three times in the cinema despite not really even liking it that much.

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I’m guessing there’s no actual big fish in it then? Unless this was an attempt to conquer your fears of the beasts below?

Can’t really remember if I’m honest even though I saw it three times at the cinema. It’s a very forgettable film.

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got stung by a jellyfish in the Atlantic Ocean once, have never gone near an ocean since. Greatly prefer lakes.


Mind if i send this to #accidentalpartridge?

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William Hope Hodgson’s nautical stories are so good at conveying the vastness in comparison to human-built crafts, e.g., his description of the storm in The Boats of the Glen Carrig.

And, of course, rogue waves:




I’ve interacted the most with the North Atlantic so it wins by default

Bloody nepotism

North Pacific is the only ocean I’ve ever known, therefore it’s the best.

10/10 good ocean


Got any good north sea facts, wr?

Fact 1: I’ve swam in the north sea twice in the past week

Fact 2: I saw a common minke whale in the north sea a few days ago (this is not related to fact no 1, for the jokesters among you)

Fact 3: These are some fish that live in the north sea:


Thank you.

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You’re very welcome!