What's your favourite place that you've never been to?

Never been invited :cry:

I think you need to wait for the Penge Tourist Board to invite you.

The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle :smiley:

And various other less important places dotted about the earth -

The whole of the west coast of the US, Japan, The Carpathian Mountains, Sweden, Norway, Iceland etc etc etc. Need to get my jet boots strapped on.

Penge-gagements :grin:

Love seeing images/shows of Costa Rica.

Also reckon I’d enjoy Pakistan if it hadn’t got probably too dangerous to visit :disappointed:

Scottish highlands
Scottish islands

Scotland that’s not the borders and Edinburgh


New Jersey


Would really like to go to New England. Think I’d like it.

Did this yesterday. Can’t afford to go anywhere. :-1:

Definitely not the view of people that have been there…

I reckon Tokyo, and southern chile

^anywhere in Scotland I haven’t been, what a GBOL

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The moon.

Iceland (but I am going on Saturday :blush: )




not the fictional world where the wizard lives

fuck off m8

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