What's your favourite section of Roseabilty by Idlewild

  • The there is no roseability bit
  • The stop looking through scrapbooks and photograph albums bit
  • The Gertrude Stein said that’s enough bit

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CHAT welcome.


0:34 when the guitars kick in

You’ve got off with too much now


it is a song chocka full of awesome moments


Oh my fucking CHRIST they were SO GOOD at this point.


The clean(er) guitar sound is the best thing about this song.


If we’re talking about individual bits then at 2:59 , when everything drops out and you get the arpeggiated guitar before going back into the final scrapbooks and photograph albums section.


Gertrude Stein bit by far, obviously, especially when he gets shouty.


when it cuts back from the shouty/shreddy guitars to the clean ‘roooooose…’ bit with the guitars making loads of noise underneath at the end <3

ahhh what a fucking great album


Do you think that this thread is enough?



This bit


Just checked and realised this 100 Broken Windows came out in Spring 2000. Fuck, I feel old.


Strange to think that 100 Broken Windows is probably my all time favorite record yet they are a band currently I could care less about.


How’s about we all hop in a time machine and go back to see them play 100 broken windows and hope is important?? …the year 2000 then?? ALL ABOARD!!!


i was there, man


They played my university freshers ball. I was happy with the choice.


They were my first proper gig, though not til 2005 (wanted to see them in 2003 but no way would I have gotten in). Was still really good though and I was really into Warnings/Promises at the time.


It’s funny how dull and uninspired they sound these days. My other half still loves seeing them live (and I invariably get dragged along to these gigs) but they’re just so…meh. Beige.


Remember watching this at the y club in Chelmsford (only underage rock night in town :smiley:) on the Friday night that it happened, with my mate Nick. In the haze of the vodka we’d downed under the viaduct this looked to be just about the best thing that has ever happened. Well jel.

(On the strength of that we went to see them a shitload of times over the following few years. Think we agreed I could have roddy if he could have Bob, who looked like the ultimate badass when holding a bass)


Absolutely this bit.