What's your favourite teen comedy film(s)?

Not what’s the best, because it’s a subjective thing really, isn’t it.

Off the top of my head
10 Things I Hate About You
Bring It On
Cruel Intentions
Never Been Kissed
13 Going on 30
Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging (it’s so cheesy but I’ve watched it like 30 times, in the last 10 years…)

Hmm maybe I should only allow everyone one pick?

What I’d really like us all to get from this thread, is some recommendations for GREAT teen movies we haven’t seen!


Have you seen Election? That’s really good.

It is/was on Netflix.

The Craft is great as well obvs


Mean Girls


No mean girls?

Really unexpectedly enjoyed Edge of seventeen watching it completely at random on netflix


Came in to say Edge of Seventeen

YES Edge of Seventeen is excellent

Although it recently left Netflix and went onto Amazon Prime

Being a teenager in the 80s I think it would be The Breakfast Club for me, or maybe Heathers.


Also in my head I still rate juno but I’m scared if I watch it again it will be absolute pony. 2 good leads though

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It probably doesn’t count really but Eighth Grade is out on Friday and it is absolutely fucking wonderful and heartbreaking and funny and empathetic and devastating so please go and see it.


This was published on Tuesday:

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I can tell you my least favourite, and that’s twat ferris bueller and his shit day off for cunts.


Not sure if these count as teen movies as such (movies about teens or movies we watched in our teens?) but I have quite enjoyed:

Pitch Perfect
21 Jump Street

Which seem to be aimed at teens maybe?

Edit: sorry thats 2 picks not 1

American Pie

Alyson hannigan is so great but has been in so much shite (first American pie is fun though)


Yep! Brilliant film.

How could I forget Pump up the Volume and Heathers!!!


Including or excluding the straight to DVD ones featuring Jim’s Dad and no-one else recognisable?

Saw Heathers for the first time quite recently and didn’t really care for it that much. I reckon it’s one that is probably very differently judged if you have nostalgia for it.

Saw this for the first time recently as well. Didn’t really care for it but by God is it a good example of the types of film that just do not get made these days.

The film The Diary of a Teenage Girl is very good but, again, doesn’t quite fall under “teen comedy” remit IMO

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