What's your favourite television channel?


It’s a close second for bbc news channel for me, the ultimate winner is FOOD NETWORK. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is insane but comforting in its silliness. Then you got yer Jamie Olivers, yer massive cake shows, yer sociopathic midwestern housewives who put tons of fat in everything, and now christmas cooking shows. It’s the pinnacle of escapism.


Polls encouraged, chat compulsory.


either spike or really, i forget. whichever one plays police interceptors all the time.


Had you own as ITV Be


Well do you own it?


i do not as own as ITV Be or any other TV network


You know how B used to do tv listings as part of his job? Like making the onscreen summaries for on-screen guides. I remember at one point he was stuck doing long lists of Guy Fieri episodes.


Don’t lie

  • Don’t even have a TV
  • Don’t like TV
  • Sky Atlantic

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Shame, probably quite a nice money spinner


Midwestern housewives seem to love adding cans of Campbell’s soup to everything, or packets of premade cake mix.


eurosport or comedy central


There’s this one I actually really love

"I’m obsessed with butter"
Her show is basically the Waltons if they all wanted to die of heart failure




will be in minnesota for the next 9 days. if i find anything to eat that isn’t cheese or potatoes, it will be a miracle.

for thanksgiving dinner i will be obliged to have ‘jello salad’ on my plate alongside all the savoury dinner stuff



She is horrendous. Has a horrendous blog too.


I don’t even know how someone would attempt that
Remember no mentioning the genocides


Keep It Country TV. Some bizarre stuff on there.


Reckon @marckee and @saps watch the history channel to remember better days


Barely watch TV these days.


It’s in colour now