What's your favourite telling of the story of King Arthur

Can be anything, really: books, films, TV, radio play, inscribed on clay tablets handed to you personally by god.

I’m currently reading TH White’s The Once and Future King which is an interesting read although I am really feeling its age.

Anyway, I think my favourite is John Boorman’s Excalibur:

It’s a bit of a mess but one I find it hard not to love. I’ve seen a few Boorman films and I don’t know that I really like him much overall but here I think it comes together best.

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King Arthur 2: The Arthuring

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i liked the recent guy ritchie one don’t @ me

Don’t @ Me is an odd name for a King Arthur telling but that Guy Ritchie is all about modern film stuff, I guess.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail.



As a kid, loved the sword in the stone by th white

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Oh wait, i see you mentioned that already. Seem to remember the sequels weren’t nearly as good. I can imagine it is showing its age though.

I think I’d have to say the best of King Arthur


I assumed you meant the Disney version which is a reworking of the first of the four books of Once and Future King, yeah.

No - talking about the books.

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We had this on video when I was younger, under the name of The Spaceman And King Arthur:

Prince Valiant really did it for me as a kid. So did Arthur’s quest at lands end. Need to read more cause I’ve got a few King Arthur books lying about.

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Backdoor Slutz 7

I much prefer Cumalot


Big fan of the 90s BBC miniseries with ray winstone and keith chegwin

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desperate to say Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur, but it wouldn’t be true
(it’s probably the TH White one)

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The one called Merlin where Jurassic Park was Merlin

Going to one-up @mrmrongov and say mine actually is Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur. Did it at uni and was shocked by how modern it feels and well it reads. It basically has every element of the Matter of Britain in it so every other version is in debt to it. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a version that really does justice to the one that was in my head when I read it.


My 4th Year Eng Lit teacher loved Le Morte d’Arthur and his enthusiasm about it was contagious

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