What's your favourite telling of the story of King Arthur

cool - I have to admit, I suspected it would be tedious, but I’ll add it to my list of things to read!

Prince Valiant had the best theme tune of any cartoon at the time. Proper lighters-in-the-air soft rock anthem:

It’s quite easy to get into because it’s basically a collection of hundreds of really short stories about all the knights, tied together into these larger themes. It all rollocks along very matter of factly but every so often you get this great image or metaphor. I wouldn’t try and read it start to finish but it’s great for dipping in and out of.

serious answer, it’s this:


arthurian legend via french existentialism :smiley:


That looks like my kind of shit.


I liked David Gemmell’s Sipstrassi novels as a kid, and their take on the Arthurian legend is a good one. I don’t know if they’d stand up now.

i think it was a big influence on monty python’s holy grail and is slightly reminiscent of it at times unfortunately but still very good!

Enjoyed this a teenager. Gorgeous Brian Bolland art.

Sword in the Stone was alright. and Monty Python. The rest is for St George Cross Brexit Tories innit?

When was King Arthur supposed to have happened? Pre-Roman?

Late/post roman

Yeah, the fuzzy bit of history between the Romans leaving and the establishment of Anglo-Saxon control. But when medieval writers wrote about it, they just transposed all the elements of their own time (fancy castles, armoured knights on horseback, tournaments and fair maidens etc) into the “historical” tales, so the setting of the stories is totally ahistorical and anachronistic.

It would be like us writing stories about Elizabethan England where everyone has guns and rides motorbikes i.e. fucking wicked.

Hugh Jackman as William Shakespeare





Writes itself basically doesn’t it, Shakespeare cracking some Spanish skulls during the Armada and that, picking up inspiration for his shiiit and inventing guns and stuff

Why is everything hollywood makes so excellent :’(

Watching that on channel 4 during the school holidays is one of my abiding childhood memories. Loved it so much. Don’t think I felt the way it made me feel again until the first season of Game of Thrones.

What a cast https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merlin_(miniseries)#Cast

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Yeah I was being a bit glib with the delivery there but the actual show was absolutely great.

I had @xylo down for this. Nice choice

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