What's your favourite time of day?

For me it’s the stretch between about ten o’clock at night and whenever I go to bed. I’ll sit in the spare room with the window open, feeling the breeze* and listening to outside sounds or rain noises on my headphones. Might read. Might waste time on the internet. Might just… sit.

Nobody to bother me. No expectations. Slightly sleepy. Bliss.

*not a euphemism

Getting into bed at night, probably


When it’s like 11pm in summer and it’s still light (Scotland-centric).


When homes under the hammer starts.


Good call. Late summer evenings.


11:11 :heart:


Was in London last July and it started getting dark at like 7pm. Fuck’s sake.

on a normal weekday it’s 17:00 home time, on a weekend probably about 8am when I lazily wake up, get a cup of tea and go back to bed to read. I’m so rock and roll!

Obviously the evening when I’ve got fuck all to do (and at the moment when my ‘girlfriend’ is over), but also the quarter of an hour before lunch when I know I’ve got through the morning and get to piss off away from my desk for an hour.

5 - 7am. Rarely ever up at that time these days but the day seems to have so much promise and it feels like you are cheating and stealing time for free


Reading my first Epimer post of the day (10:08)

I like Saturday at about 1pm. That’s when I get in the bath for my weekly hour and a half post gym soak.


It doesn’t get dark in July until about 9:30pm.

It’s not even dark at 7pm now and it’s April.

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there it is

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Just need to wait for Theo to get up before we have a vote for 13.37

There was still some light about at 8 last night. Not much but some.


7-8 hour of hollyoaks

Tinny time