What's your favourite time of day?

Love proper early mornings when it’s sunny and light.

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So basically most of us like it when there’s no one else around :roll_eyes::grinning:



I said to my bf the other day that even if we did break up, I’d definitely only go out with someone who played golf loads. Because it means 5 hours of alone time every Saturday and Sunday!

He said “fair enough”


You could try a penoid instead. They’d be out in Stevenage or Milton Keynes or Reading or Birmingham most weekends.

Thinly veiled ‘I’ve got an eye on your pals’ threat :joy:

I think penoid encourages a lot of stuff about the house. Board games, cards etc, right?
I don’t want “things”

I only have to deal with the golf clubs entering my house on occasion. Although this sometimes also brings in mud which I don’t like so got to weigh up mud vs things,

My gf moaned the other week that she doesn’t understand why I’m so disorganised in general, but all my card games are IMPECCABLY organised and filed away neatly.

I said it was a matter of priorities.

Unfortunately he mostly plays with people who are in the age range of 55-80.

Not sure I’ve thought this through. I’m holding out for a pro.

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Why don’t you take time to organise the owl ornaments?

I’d happily organise them all into the bin if she’d let me.

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I’m enjoying this seduction technique.

Pull up a chair, young 'lonzo, and I’ll bestow my knowledge of the ancient irk of incessant low level irkage of your darling partner.

I live for this time of day. Got a problem with life at the moment in that we’re both tired parents and she especially just wants to go to bed at this time, and wants me to go with her, which essentially just steals my favourite bit of the day, every day.

EDIT: the only bit of the day that I like

I have a few high points in any work day.
I like getting on the train at the end of the day and letting the adrenalin for work ebb away, and I like getting off that train and getting an excitable hug from my wee one at the other end.

I also like the feeling when I get him down to sleep and me and my bf can have a hug, a glass of wine and dinner and chill out.

I also really like my job and enjoy sitting down with my cup of tea, having a bit of chat with my team, and settling down to work- 10am is my sweet spot for that. it’s just not going to plan today tho- procrastination city).

But my all time favourite moment is waking up and having a kiss from my wee one. it’s a toss up whether I prefer being woken up by his sticky kisses, as he clambers into my bed to wake me, or me waking him up with a snuggle. :heart_eyes:


Original Bonnie Tyler lyrics were actually much better.

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7am on a perfect summers weekend day, when you’ve woken up a bit earlier than usual, you open the curtains and you know - you just know - it’s going to be a cracker of a day.

Go to bed with her, discharge your marital duties, and then you’ve got 8.03-11 pm to enjoy by yourself.

I meant more your sweet moves on meowington; “oh you don’t like clutter, well I keep my cards in good order!”.

Best of luck.

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