What's your favourite venue that is now closed?


Inspired by The Good Ship’s closing, what is your favourite venue/club/pub/anything really/even a cafe/ restaurant that was shut down, perhaps in your mind unfairly? What do you miss?


The Luminaire.

What I miss:


The Astoria


The Zodiac in Oxford


My colleagues always talk very fondly on The Astoria too. There’s not many clubs in central anymore.


The Mucky Pup. Forever : (


the arches

wasn’t amazing for gigs but i liked it


Came here to say this. Many a happy, sweaty, sticky night spent there. The Academy never quite matched it despite being the same building playing the same music.


Northampton Soundhaus.

Saw so many incredible bands there back in the day.

Hope of the States
The Killers supported by Death From Above (pre 1979) and The Departure
The Dears
Howling Bells
Arctic Monkeys

Probs loads more that I forget.

Beautiful building too:


Honourable mention to the Charlotte in Leicester.


Madame JoJos or Buffalo Bar


The Freebutt, Brighton


I really miss the downstairs, and the cocktail bar


Definitely The Luminaire.
I once went to see Benni Hemm Hemm there, and the owner had just bought some Luminaire deck chairs for some reason. As the gig was far from being sold out, he had the deckchairs (four or five of them) just sat out there for people to sit in. So I enjoyed the gig from a deckchair.
So many good gigs there also.


Yeah this


Miss the Glasgow barfly and also captains rest


Seconding Buffalo Bar it wasn’t that good technically as far as venues go but saw some great shows there.


Apparently Madame Jojo’s will re-open sometime soon, though probably won’t be the same. Seems a shame to waste that space and decor though!


is that the placed referenced in the first big weekend?

btw, on a related note, I read all of your posts in Aidan Moffat’s voice. thought you’d like to know.


Yes, upstairs is essentially the same isn’t it. Those cocktails used to dissolve my teeth!

My friends and I still insist on calling it the zodiac.