What's your flavour?

Tell me - what’s your flavour?

Reckon my blood probably tastes of Dr Pepper

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Haggis flavour.


Salt & Vinegar generally but Cheese & Onion with all Walkers products.

Probably fairly bitter

alright, craig david


Ginger :orange_heart:


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I tried some Belvoir Ginger Beer at the weekend and it is incredible. Need to get some tonight.

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Love a ginger flavoured beer, not so much ginger beer. Obvs ginger and rhubarb is a dream team

Belvoir Ginger (phnaaarr)

I don’t get this but I’m glad I amused you

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Don’t know if this is the thread for it but in home economics I made coke flavoured yogurt, this involved boiling coke to get the essence of coke, and as a byproduct made coke flavoured toffee

Ah, :smiley:

Just like anything spicy really.

Salt n Vinegar