What's your fragrance, tell me what's your fragrance ooooooooooooh

Yeah I bet vernon smells like ck one: summer.

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Got the summer version as a gift but don’t like it as much, ended up using most of it as expensive room spray.

Day-to-day, just basic Dove showergel and women’s plain deordorant.

I don’t really chose to buy frangrances as I don’t really know what I’m doing, but my girlfriend has got me a couple as gifts as she’s pretty into them, so if I’m going out, I’ll wear either Escentric O2 or Bleu de Chanel at the moment.

Have you ever got the wonky bag as the free gift? I was offered wonky bag and took it. It’s a really impractical bag.

Something exciting and secret about buying smells is they sometimes come with free gifts and you realise rich people get free stuff thrown at them. so if you splash some cash on a smell they do it to us regular people too.

Lancôme La Vie est Belle. Alternative between EDT and EDP depending on how flush I am. Men that smell nice are pwoahh.


Took a tiny bottle of this with me when I went travelling for special occasions but the stopper came off after a month and I had a very nice smelling toiletry bag for the rest of the trip.


What’s this like NV?

By far my favourite of all aftershaves I have ever used.

Even better than Old Spice

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I have not. It sounds very intriguing though.

Free stuff for the rich/beautiful is just another world isn’t it. Funny when you get a little glimpse of that world.

disappointed that I’m the only smelly person here :frowning:

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The amount of baths you have man I’m sure you smell divine :slightly_smiling_face:

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sadly not the case but thanks all the same :slight_smile:

I have that on summer rotation. it’s quite nice, but can be rather punchy if you use it too early in the day and are stonkingly hungover.

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Duly noted! Usually just wallow in my own crapulence when hungover so splashing on a bit of D’issey shouldn’t be a problem.

Haha wang


Picked up Primark’s dupe of Jo Malone’s pomegranate noir.

It was £8 for a big bottle and it smells and lasts better than the original imo. Cracking wee secret santa pressie if you’re looking for one. https://www.primark.com/en/features/beauty/2017/august/my-private-collection


Calvin Klein Euphoria for women.

I love it so much and am far more sad than I should be about them no longer selling travel spray versions of it, which I would happily pay way over the odds for on the Boots website. They have launched a roll on 10ml one though so I’ve asked for that for Christmas

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Normally though I wear Karma from Lush, Hermes Jardin en mediterranee or Tom Ford neroli porto fino.